Bill Lang

Creator and Author of Scores on the Board®

From humble beginnings in the Australian township of Sebastopol, Bill Lang has built an impressive career as an educator, international business consultant, entrepreneur and executive coach. Inspired by his earliest teachers, managers and coaches, Bill went on to accomplish great things. He achieved academic acclaim when he graduated from the University of Melbourne with a combined degree in commerce and law, and was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship and Macquarie Bank Scholarship to attend Harvard Business School. There he won the highest academic honours as a Baker scholar, became one of two Proctor & Gamble International Fellows in 1990 and served as the managing editor of Net Present Value, Harvard Business School’s career guide for MBAs.

His extensive career profile includes working as a strategist and management consultant with KPMG, AXA, Macquarie Bank and McKinsey & Company. He also co-founded the FreeOnline business in Australia and Sharinga Networks Inc., the San Francisco-based technology company. Bill is the founder and CEO of Bill Lang International, which provides people and organisations the tools, systems and training they need to maximise their success.  The team at Bill Lang International have helped thousands of business teams around the world increase their performance through implementing the Scores on the Board™ system.

Bill credits his early mentors with instilling in him his drive to learn, and to help others perform at the highest levels possible. In addition to his executive coaching, Bill has coached numerous children’s sports teams in Australia and the United States. As a child he played soccer from under 10s to under 17s with the Sebastopol Vikings.

Bill married the girl of his dreams and they live together in Melbourne, Australia, where they raised their three energetic children.

Becoming a licensed consultant

Licensed consultants are licensed to deliver Scores on the Board® training workshops and coaching using the Scores on the Board® system and toolkit.

Licensed consultants may come from the following backgrounds:
In-house learning and development or training professionals who become accredited and then manage the implementation of Scores on the Board® throughout their organisation.
Executive coaches and performance improvement consultants who are working with clients to develop leadership skills, improve team performance, develop cultural change strategies and achieve overall organisational growth.
Business coaches and advisors working with small business owners to help them build growing and sustainable businesses.
Franchisors and sales network builders wanting to improve the performance of their franchisees and network representatives.
Former business and human resources managers establishing their own business advisory and coaching businesses.

Our clients


Organisations and leaders who are using the Scores on the Board® system have received a large number of international and national awards for leadership and business excellence.  Some of the awards received include:

  • World’s Best Contact Centre
  • Marketing Effectiveness Award – New Product Service or Innovation
  • Best Business Bank in the UK
  • International Marketer of the Year
  • Rising Star Marketing Leadership Award
  • People and Innovation Award
  • Fraud Prevention Team of the Year
  • Best Call Centre in Australia
  • Customer Service Team of the Year
  • Best Customer Service Contact Centre
  • Best Contact Centre Agent
  • Best Contact Centre Supervisor
  • Best Provider of Customer Service
  • Best Use of Certification
  • Best Contact Centre Europe
  • Best Outsourcing Partner (UK)
  • Best Overall Contact Centre EMEA
  • Marketing Effectiveness Award – Contribution to Marketing Knowledge
  • Best Business Bank in Scotland

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