Customer Experience and Loyalty

Organisations that use Scores on the Board® have achieved increases in their customer experience and loyalty levels of up to 25% within 18 months of implementation.

The rate of product innovation and imitation continues to increase across every major product type in the world.  Consumers and business customers are faced with increasing choices and little in the way of identifiable product differences.  Increasingly organisations are looking to differentiate themselves on the basis of the experience that customers have when buying and using their brands and products.  While head office staff work on strategic initiatives to re-engineer customer service processes and to measure customer experience and loyalty, there are a number of practices and processes that front-line team managers can quickly adopt and implement that can have a dramatic impact on improving the customers experience and loyalty in a short period of time.


Scores on the Board® allows you to understand what really matters for you customers.

Find out what works (and what doesn’t) so that you can make changes for your customers and stay ahead of your competition.