Leadership Coaching and Training

Organisations are investing significant amounts in coaching training and the provision of coaches for senior executives and managers.  The results are mixed at best.  What works most effectively is a combination of digestible knowledge acquisition by an executive and an easy to do method of applying the knowledge to build the skills.  In other words, a systematic approach or operational system to follow:  to learn, to do, to learn and to do better next time.


Executives and managers that use Scores on the Board® as the platform for coaching and organisational improvement have achieved increases in their executive performance effectiveness of up to 30% within 6 months of implementation.

Globalisation and increased demands on senior executives and managers to improve their leadership skills and performance is every increasing. They are required to get more done, with less time faster than ever before. Central to helping executives and managers thrive with these ongoing demands to do more is the need for high quality and integrated coaching. An effective coach can help the executive and manager learn new things and create new ways of getting things done through their people to get more achieved faster.

Organisations that use Scores on the Board® to build the management skills of their managers and team leaders have achieved increases in those manager’s performance of up to 50% within 12 months of implementation.

One of the greatest career transitions that many people must make is from being a front-line team member to becoming a manager of a team or a project. Organisations invest considerable resources in delivering in-house management training or sending their employees off to external management training courses. While the learning experience at these events and training programs is often rated highly by participants the impact on improved skills and management performance is often hard to detect. Participants often return to work with a large folder, full of management buzz-words and tools. Many struggle to take any of these and convert them into a team management process that they can use to better manage their teams.

Scores on the Board® provides a turn-key system and leadership development platform for executives and managers to learn and implement a number of practices and processes to continually lift the effectiveness of their leadership and unit performance. 

Executives can quickly adopt and implement the system and work with their coach to have a significant impact on their leadership performance in a short period of time.