Scores on the Board is a continuous improvement system to help power performance.  It’s simple, effective and easy to implement in any organisation.

The system was created by Bill Lang and developed using Harvard Business School research on the Service-Profit Chain business model.  This model shows that satisfied and engaged staff leads to satisfied customers, which leads to improved business performance.

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“…if you start with a happy and motivated workforce, you’re much more likely to have happy customers – which leads to larger profits.”

Sir Richard Branson

Meeting today’s biggest business challenges head-on – The pace of globalisation and new technologies is changing the fundamentals of every business and industry. To survive, every business – and the people working in them – needs to quickly adapt to change.

Traditional change management strategies and corporate training fail to deliver the behavioural change and skill level improvement needed to help businesses capitalise on available opportunities – or simply keep pace.

A culture of continual learning and performance improvement requires an ongoing framework that reinforces desired behaviours and facilitates rapid and effective skill development.

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