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Scores on the Board the book

Welcome to Southside

Home of the mighty Vikings!

Scores on the Board® is based around the story of an under-performing Under 11’s soccer team that is transformed into an effective team by implementing the 5 parts of the Scores on the Board® system.

Through the journey of several everyday characters, you’ll discover the keys to getting the most out of yourself and others. And by learning about the Scores on the Board® system, you’ll have a simple framework that will help you reach your goals faster.

The high-achieving Manager

After years of being the Bank’s best performing Sales Manager, David’s career is suddenly at the crossroads when the new CEO instigates a radical culture change. Performance is no longer judged solely on sales – the new people centric focus requires managers to live the core values, and they are assessed on measures such as employee engagement and team profitability.

Can David change the gung-ho habits of a lifetime to be a more effective leader – and save his job?

The experienced Executive Coach

Tiger Woods and Roger Federer have coaches – so why do Executives seeking to improve their performance shy away from them? Sarah has helped countless Executives boost their effectiveness, which invariably leads to a better business outcome for the team.

Can Sarah help David change his entrenched management style to fit with the new corporate culture (and boost his department’s bottom line in the process)?

The reluctant Team Leader

Jimmy was unemployed and directionless when the club president, Fred, recruited him to coach the Southside Vikings Under 11s soccer team. After initially falling into the trap of mirroring the aggressive leadership characteristics of previous managers, Fred mentors Jimmy on the keys to leadership and coaching success.

Can Jimmy develop his leadership skills and become an effective leader and coach, so the kids can improve their performance – and enjoy soccer again?

The suddenly-single mum

Elizabeth finds herself suddenly single and in need of an income to pay the bills and support her son. Through her involvement in the Vikings, and her learnings about the latest neuroscience techniques, Elizabeth discovers that her future success really is up to her, and is only limited by her own beliefs.

Can Elizabeth change her mindset and find the confidence to start her own home-based business that provides financial security and gives her more time to raise her son?

The small business slave

Peter had to forego his dream of studying Engineering when his girlfriend fell pregnant. Ten years later, he is a father of twins, and owns his own plumbing business. But rather than the freedom he envisaged from running his own business, Peter feels a slave to it. The techniques used by Jimmy to get the parents more involved with the Vikings, as well as business advice from his accountant, get Peter thinking about where his business is heading.

Can Peter turn his self-employment vehicle into a genuine small business which gives him more time to spend on growing it – and on helping his children grow up?

Who will benefit from reading the book?

  • Managers can follow David’s journey from a manager at the crossroads, to an effective, engaging leader that inspires his team to higher levels of performance
  • Team Leaders will be inspired by Jimmy’s learnings as he grows into an effective coach and leader.
  • Small business owners can implement the techniques Peter uses to grow his business, so they too spend less time in the business and more time on it.
  • Home-based business owners will relate to Elizabeth’s journey from tentative beginner to successful business operator – and others will be inspired to follow her lead.

Praise for the book

“Great coaching is more than good advice – it’s a mental game. In his book Scores on the Board®, Bill Lang explores the various tactics of the game by sharing his considerable experience in easy-to-digest chunks.”

Martin Lindstrom, Author of Buyology - Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

“From soccer pitch to sitting room, from small business to corporate board … this book holds the keys to improving yourself and your results no matter what game you are playing.”

Giles Spackman, Finance Director, Google, EMEA

The Scores on the Board® system is the best approach to team building and professional development I have seen. It works in start-ups or corporations across industries, cultures and countries.”

Scott Durchslag, Chief Operating Officer, Skype Technologies

“This book may well become the gold standard for how to translate what we say we need to do into what we actually do for ourselves, our families and the organisations we serve.”

Tony Johnson, Partner Financial Services - Oceania Assurance Leader, Ernst & Young

An insightful read into a 5-part system which is essential reading for all team leaders and business owners.”

Geoff Greer, Executive General Manager - Business Banking, National Australia Bank

“From start-ups to global brands, this book provides practical everyday examples that illustrate how to improve the performance of any team or business.”

Alan Court, Business Development, INTEL Corporation

“The simple system explained in this book will help you build your skills and performance to world-class levels in world-record time!”

Dave Phua, Managing Director, Training Edge International (Singapore)

“In Scores on the Board®, Bill Lang uses a simple story about a soccer team to demonstrate how his techniques can be used by any organisation to achieve high levels of success with little effort. A MUST READ for any business.”

Chris Vanderkley, Chief Financial Officer - General Electric, ANZ

Developing the skills to be great team players and leaders is essential for helping people maximise their potential and contribution to their organisations. This book provides each of us with the inspiration and practical strategies we need to help each other be all we can be.”

Sylvia Perrins, Chief Executive Officer, National Skills Academy Financial Services, United Kingdom

“Scores on the Board® offers individuals, teams and organisations the single most powerful tool to develop their performance I’ve seen. No other tool integrates performance development into the DNA of any team in such a transparent, dynamic and self-improving cycle for the team as Scores on the Board® does.”

John Read, Regional Managing Consultant - Outplacement and Executive Coaching, Asia Hudson Global Resources (S) Pty Ltd

“Scores on the Board® skilfully uses the rollercoaster ride of the Vikings and their parents as the backdrop to describe the latest research on emotional leadership, learning and engagement. The practical guidelines for application to the workplace will ensure its place on the top of the desk and not on the book shelf.”

Tim Ford, Principal - Leadership Consulting, Heidrick & Struggles

“As it does in this fast-paced story, the Scores on the Board® system can work for anyone who wants to build their skills and lead their teams to greater performances-I have seen it first hand in our stores, call centres and management teams.”

Chris Bayliss, General Manager - Retail Banking, Bank of New Zealand

“Around the world, the ability of our team leaders to develop their skills and engage their people is central to our business growth. This book contains the insights and practical strategies to build emotional leadership skills and continuous performance improvements.”

Peter Flavel, Global Head of The Standard Chartered Private Bank
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