Business Improvement System

Suitable for any industry

Scores on the Board - 5 part system

Scores on the Board® is a simple improvement system used by teams working in any type of organisation to achieve performance improvements. It has been used to deliver big improvements in areas that include motivating and retaining employees, increasing customer experience and loyalty, building manager and executive leadership and coaching skills and finally, developing higher performing teams.

Our clients

Our clients have used Scores on the Board® to build the skills of over 2,000 managers, increase the motivation and retention of over 30,000 employees and improve the customer experience and loyalty of over 10 million customers.

While most strategies to improve performance will have an impact, using Scores on the Board® enables leaders and their teams to deliver Bigger Improvements Faster.

  • Easy to implement for business owners and managers of all levels.
  • Choose between a full supported implementation or our self-guided version.
  • Up and running in no time without any costly consulting and training.
  • Complements other improvement initiatives such as KAIZEN and Six Sigma.

Some words from our clients…

“Scores on the Board® is helping hundreds of our managers and thousands of our staff maximise their success in the hyper-competitive financial services industry – it is simple to understand, easy to implement and most importantly it generates better results.”
Glenn King, National Australia Group, Europe
“It allows people to tap into and access the experience, processes and insights of global business leaders…put simply, if you want to be a cut above the pack you must you MUST connect with the Scores system”
Tim Carroll, Village Roadshow Limited
The Scores on the Board® System has provided me with valuable feedback and suggestions which have significantly improved my coaching skills to more effectively help my team leaders and the account managers increase sales.
Tom Vukovic, Head of Business Advisory Services Institutional Banking
Scores on the Board® has provided us with a regular opportunity to develop and improve our executives’ leadership skills which in turn has allowed us all to move to higher levels of performance.
Tom Burns, National Australia Group, Europe
My leadership skills have been greatly enhanced since I began using the system. I now feel much more confident leading and coaching my people and this is reflected in our 15% + increase in productivity and service quality.
Bianca Jenkinson, Australia Post
The regular feedback mechanism of Scores on the Board® provides our managers an opportunity to concentrate on what is important – managing and leading staff – this has lead to improvement of those skills in our managers.
Suzanne Dixon, University of Melbourne
Scores on the Board® has allowed us to adopt a systematic approach to team development that we own both individually and collectively. The system helped us quickly increase alignment while developing innovative solutions for our business.
Liz Grant, Australia Post
The system has provided me with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively engage my people which has increased our engagement to exceed best practice at 83% and has assisted in lifting productivity by over 40%.
Danielle Curry, ANZ
The Scores on the Board® system has enabled us to develop specific action plans that have significantly increased employee motivation which in turn has increased our employee retention by 60% over the last 18 months.
Kevin Page, National Australia Group Europe (Winner Best Contact Centre in the World 2006)
The leadership and management tools provided as part of the system has allowed our teams to quickly increase their productivity and achieve accreditation for our Scottish Centre in Uddingston.
John Fitzsimmons, British Gas
Scores on the Board® enabled us to better engage with our customers and continuously improve our performance. The system generates high levels of employee engagement which translated directly into customer loyalty and sales growth.
Glenn O’Bryan, Australia Post
The management training and tools provided with the Scores on the Board® system has assisted me in developing my own management skills and has been a major contributor the reason for our 22 % increase in productivity.
Allan Butchart, Clydesdale PLC
Scores on the Board® has enabled our team leaders to adopt a collaborative approach to improving their individual coaching skills – this investment is delivering significant benefits to them and their teams.
John Devlin, Be Cogent PLC
Since we started using the Scores on the Board® system, the senior leaders in our team have achieved significant improvements in coaching their teams to deliver better business results.
Sue Jeffrey, ANZ