System packages

Scores on the Board® comes in 4 packages types to suit your needs.

Standard Package – A self guided version of Scores on the Board® with videos and resources to guide you in the set up, implementation and running of the system.

Standard Package + Workshop – Kick start Scores on the Board® with your team with an implementation workshop. During the 4 hour workshop your facilitator will introduce the system, help facilitate the team vision and get you up and running.

Standard Package + Feedback – Let us gather the feedback from your team and customers for you. We will guide you through effective question sets to help identify the gaps in your performance. Feedback is collected online and provided in a report. Additional feedback solutions are available.

Full Package – The full package is our most popular package. It includes both the implementation workshop and feedback service. It also includes the videos and resources to run the system within your organisation.

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Scores on the Board® Packages

Standard Package


Scores on the Board - Standard Package
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Standard Package + Workshop


Scores on the Board - standard package plus workshop
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Standard Package + Feedback


Scores on the Board - Standard Package plus Feedback
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Full Package


Scores on the Board - Full Package
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